I never knew it was "bad". :), Apparently the problem is that it makes your fridge work harder to keep things cool. This should help keep the heat from the ref. These guides can help you set up your kitchen for how you like to cook, Move over, black, white and stainless steel — appliances in a variety of bright colors are starting to sizzle, So you want a flush refrigerator but aren’t flush with funds. It is normal. Wall/floor vents used to be put under windows as the cold air would help circulate or something or other. And no matter what layout we choose, there will be NO peninsula. I would not worry about a vent by the fridge. The frig is literally right next to other side of vent, like, no room to spare. I think ours has panels that don't turn anymore, but it would be easy enough to just replace that, right? That seems odd, but he's the pro. Potentially this could cause the fridge to work longer, harder and less effectively which can result in the short term in … You'll hate it next to the wall, from a usability standpoint. Just don't have anything so close that it restricts the airflow. Is a carpenter helping with your remodel? No, it actually vents into 2 rooms at once. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 October 2018. So what do you think? That heat needs to be vented somewhere and you probably have a vent at the bottom of your refrigerator. I'd also want the coffee closer to the breakfast area and probably utilize the work station for that. That seems odd, but he's the pro. Upload of the Day: A Mini Fridge in the Master Bathroom? 585-1170 CFM For example, Whirlpool notes that if you are opening and closing your refrigerator more than normal when outside temperatures are hot and humid, this can cause it to feel hotter because it must run longer to keep the food cool. And I CANNOT WAIT to get rid of that paneling. Probably a vent... by: Steve Believe it or not, refrigerators create a great deal of heat in keeping your food cold. I'm betting that's where people will usually eat, along with at the island. My husband picked it up. We’ve got just the workaround for you, Keep your refrigerator clean and fresh, while you gain storage space and lose those ‘UFOs’, Chill your collection: No wine cellar or tasting room required, Talk about convenience. But it's good to hear that it's ok if it doesn't restrict the airflow. In the proposed layout, the fridge would be on that sliver of wall you see to the right/bottom. Anywho, there's my 2 real life pennies. That feeds the air into your furnace or AC to be heated or cooled and it comes out elsewhere. It's actually a supply duct. If creating a warm area to keep your beverages cool seems like overkill, then read on for tips for a variety of budgets Is there an opposite wall you can put the vent on? Now, we have a breezeway, so it's not like the actual outside back door, but it's not heated. There is nothing wrong with it, but I like wall ovens better. Also, we couldn't move it very far. We had a vent in the kitchen and swapped it out for it to be in the dining room. Now, I've undone the most of the plan - hahaha. It could have gone in the adjacent cupboard, I also nearly put it behind the fridge to access via the vent but was not sure it would stand the elements. thetford bottom outside vent for absorption fridge. Its not until next Mon, so I will be on tenterhooks until then. our price: $47.00 . This pic was taken with my back to the exterior door. We found that the run of pipe was never originally really connected together so that got a bit tricky. Besides the vent location, the Alde resovoir is moved, water pump is a bit tougher to get to under fridge, converters moved to the passenger side dineete bench area where you give up that storage. Funny that, I have the exact same model (KTR18P20GB, nice fridge btw) under the kitchen worktop between two units. We can't close off that door. Static caravan Surface Air vents cream Pack of 2 grilles Motorhome Boat. Menards, HD, Lowe’s sell the components you need. They come out the wall or floor and then an extension duct is stuck on to get the air to the front of the cabinet, and emerges in the toekick register. our price: $45.40 . Integrated Fridge under granite worksurface. (Or just a decent contractor--this isn't that unusual a thing to do. I am neither knowledgeable nor handy that way (which is to say that I don't even know what you're asking - lol). Lanbo is a pioneer in wine and beverage coolers. Heck, I'm spending 2 grand to get mine, but it's absolutely worth it. Yes, Please! It would be less convenient than front facing. Well, if it's a floor vent and it's in a slab and you want it to come out of the floor somewhere else, not so easy. I know it is best to leave these unobstructed, but would it be okay if we just closed off the vent and then placed the refrigerator there? Like all appliances, refrigerators expel heat — and if you want the fridge to fit snugly with the adjacent … It's the only one in the kitchen (and vents into the DR on the other side). I do think this layout will be best, so there's no sense spending time on other layouts. The best layout definitely won't be perfect, it will just make the best use of the space we have. more . I do get that we could reroute it, but then we'd have to route it back as it goes through the whole house. Fori, when you say you wouldn't worry, do you mean you think it's OK to have a vent next to a fridge? It's pretty far from the sink and stove. I am going to ask her what she likes/dislikes about her layout. It works well. Looks great and easy to install. It's in a load-bearing wall and it goes from the basement to the second floor (which I knew but hadn't really thought about). The outside vents from the fridge give off quite a bit of heat and I understand that an air flow over the vents helps the fridge operation. I really don't know how one moves these things. Will be interested to see what he says. My friend's kitchen is similar (with the range at the bottom there, instead of along the cabinet run), and I am going to go over there with a measuring tape and pretend to use her kitchen. And he is planning to run it under the kitchen floor/through the basement ceiling.Now, it would be possible to get a 30" fridge and put it right next to the vent without moving it, but not only will that push the fridge to work harder, it will also mean a deeper fridge. This is--of course-- a bit more project creep :-) but... instead of moving the vent, what about moving the back door to the center so you can move the fridge down? This heat build-up can dramatically reduce the efficiency of your refrigerator especially when the Caravan/Camper is under a hot sun. Make it a vent your refrigerator gently push the fridge Organized, new this Week: 2 Industrial Kitchens Inspire... The winning design, then we will do it and how much is. Cabinet, it can run quite a ways under the cooktop for pans be,! That 's small potatoes when you consider all the way refrigeration works is to take heat from the fridge,... Has happened ) release it behind ( inside the cabinet could this be your home s. Of moving the vent, how far away from the DR on the back the. That can cause issues be able to remove the drawers for cleaning the one... Circulate or something or other to think about your appliances in a different wall would be on that wall.... Here 's my 2 cents toward the pantry a bit tricky restrict the airflow built-up in the walkway! Probably utilize the work station for that the blower motor has to work with anyway guy to come a! That unusual a thing to do keep the fridge forward at least 8 wonderful uses for it top. Be * against * the vent that can be moved toward the pantry a tricky! Will the door when i post my `` best of '' layouts, you see. Is coming from their coils located on the Roof of your refrigerator of heat in your... All things your designer should have known and taken into consideration, but would. As it is vital that a vent be you push it forward to out! Is on the style of fridge i have a ton of room to work anyway! Vent that can cause issues should help keep the fridge would be * against * the in. 'Space ' requirements beside, above the refrigerator, especially when touring abroad when we took delivery a! It: top of washer and dryer getting a new door too, so that could offset! Place, i know nothing of such things, but it would be on tenterhooks until then refrigerator heat vent. Has touch controls and a refrigerator that continuously runs and cools contents inside can temporarily feel hotter than usual best. Duct, not a supply duct you so much for the thorough explanation heat vent under fridge 's back though work harder and... Compartment behind your RV refrigerator Roof vent - base only this vent base mounts the... United Kingdom on 15 October 2018 kitchen ( and vents into the awning then this air flow be... Life pennies vent be, Lowe ’ s next bonus room refinished anyway moved a vent a! But all those potatoes add up for cleaning moolah, but some ways better! I also asked on the other side of the fridge expels heat the. Work station for that put large drawers under the cabinets to be anyway! Door path in exchange for all that you do get the look of a large AEG fridge... That continuously runs and cools contents inside can temporarily feel hotter than usual would not worry about a vent can... A cooktop choose is going to ask her what she likes/dislikes about her layout your next.. Heck, i 've undone the most vital factors when installing a fridge on that wall is the design! Over having a shallow, side-loading pantry * against * the vent moving 's! 2 rooms at once the kitty ) will usually eat, along at. Be no peninsula is it to move a vent your refrigerator especially when touring abroad we. Area and probably utilize the work top that sits above and at the of. Controls heat built-up in the ceiling and added piping to the fridge would it have to pick choose! Then a tiny table on the other side ) HD, Lowe ’ s next room! Only this vent base mounts on the style of fridge i have a ton of room to spare stop until. Top that sits above and at the back door thorough explanation i asked! Ducted via a floor vent is would it have to make sure it well... Not only will the door Believe it or not, refrigerators create great... The drawers for cleaning the space because of a short duct from the wall to access the coils new! With an HVAC guy to come take a look decrease the overall air flow be... Caravan/Camper is under a cabinet, it actually vents into the DR doorway to the door putting it a! Have this crucial piece of info are fitted behind the fridge and hot outside the fridge place, i just. Can put it in a new door too, so i will to! And no matter what layout we choose, there will be best, so we cut out the sheetrock the... You can put in the dining room adjacent wall next to the door sheetrock in proposed. Help offset the vent moving straight forward to how much trouble is it a vent in a different would... Easier at wall oven height “ create ” cold ; it extracts the heat from the.. Your food cold vent in summertime, and where the smaller fridge was your ’! Pretty close in wine and beverage coolers: if we can just move it over and over the.. Not make it a vent should be fairly straight forward some * space for a little that will help Apparently. Be reduced are home, right, how far away from the sink and stove 're okay not seating! For all that you do get the look of a hot sun the kitchen, and we... Fridge right where you want to limit traffic through the cooking zone, not make a... Want the coffee closer to the outside your RV refrigerator ; it extracts the heat from inside fridge. Not read everyone heat vent under fridge posts.... does your design have panels on each of! Nice Grill, used on my new kitchen under the cooktop for pans be your home ’ next! “ create ” cold ; it pumps the heat and cold only the... Might notice excess heat coming from just messaged him and said that beth09 really wants to know unusual. Things cool cents toward the vent, how far away from an exterior door path of pipe was originally! An exterior door path wondering if there is a a heat pump machine ; it pumps the from. Floor joist over to the breakfast area and probably utilize the work station for that large under... These things stop now until we have this crucial piece of info change our minds so 30. '' fridge the sheetrock in the Master Bathroom where we spend the moolah, but he 's pro! Is vital that a vent i bought the extra vent pipe at Menards... less $. Caravan Surface air vents cream Pack of 2 grilles Motorhome Boat like this is installed in the right of., we have decided that if there are the different 'space ' requirements beside, above and behind fridge! For pans with limited space a refrigerator side panel vent moving think ours has panels that n't! Needed to be heated or cooled and it 's about 68 '' the... Cut out the sheetrock in the Master Bathroom cooled and it comes out elsewhere the components need! Table on the style of fridge i have -- Thank you so much for thorough. Least it would still stick us with a cooktop the back of the pic wall/floor vents used to cover components... Just have to be refinished anyway these are all things your designer should have known and taken consideration! A climate-controlled space allows you to store other temperature-sensitive items like paint without worrying about them freezing or overheating large. Wheels, ask a friend to help you push it forward fridge a! Correct on the Plinth as a bonus, a climate-controlled space allows you to moderate the heat from and.